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Unknown place. Too have a lot of cunts. Place that is said to have millions of beautiful cunts.
by Keefers a midget October 08, 2003
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When one finds themselves in a place full of cunts or other bitches, sluts, dirtbags, etc. Also can be used to describe a really terrible place or time.
"Looks like we're in cuntopia now".
by SickPhuck April 30, 2008
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A happy place with soft blankets, fuzzy stuffed animals, and lots of booze. No boys are allowed. It is a place that girls go to when they are sick of guy's shit and need a refuge.
Hey Val, I think it's time to go to Cuntopia. Dudes are pissing me off.
by Saucy Bearnaise September 19, 2009
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