A big grumpy bastard.

Used frequently in Greenock to describe the above
Hey cunto, wits up wi ye noo?
Is the beer gerden open yit cunto?
by Mick B June 20, 2007
Top Definition
Scotish slang term to discribe cunt or annoying person, but with a stronger sense of purpose.
"Here you cunto, did you fuck ma maw"
by Kleptosteliac September 16, 2004
Scottish. Derogatory term for someone who is just a little bit more than a cunt, sometimes used in a playful sense between friends
Hey cunto! Watch what your doing with that sword.
by Dillan ya bass May 09, 2008
Rouge Diablo/Burnley dwelling, dog fucking slap head.
Serbs: Rouge, you cunto.

Rouge: I've got a very large, expensive kitchen with it's own tanning salon & dog grooming station. My dog also has a twitter account so there.

Serbs: Sorry mate, you aren't one after all.
by Buster C. December 03, 2010
The greek word for cunt
You are a pure cuntos
by Jazzy Spazzi October 19, 2004
A scottish word meaning mate or pal
Craig-Awrite cunto,Get up to much last night?

Archie-Na, just sat in and watched karate kid
Craig-The auld wan or the wan wae Wullie Smiths son in it?
Archie-The auld wan mate
by Tammytamsin June 23, 2014
Can be used as substitute for cunt
eg1. Fred you cunto!
eg2. Hey cunto!
by TheCunto April 10, 2003
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