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A fucking lot. Similiar to fuckload, but more by a factor of 10. This is due to the increased severity of the prefix.
Yer, I'll bring a cuntload of bread over, we're gonna get the munchies big time on this hydro shit.
by Jamima courtesy of caity. July 20, 2008
alot of a particular object
TJ: i'm hungry james
James: don't worry mate, there's a cunt load of rice in the cupboard
by splank August 23, 2009
The amount of liquid taken to completely fill one vagina to utmost capacity. Can often cause an uncontrollable creampie.
Megan: Wow, you came loads!
Kenny: Yeah, well over a cunt load. Sorry about the mess.
by shendo.kezzy November 08, 2011
(noun) A very large amount. Akin to truckload. Literally, an ample seminal deposit, or load, in the vagina.
I’ve got a cuntload of rubbish to trundle off to the curb.
by Maleano B May 19, 2010
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