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When a friend acts like your mother and tells you off for doing/saying something wrong.
Mad: "Why did you change your status on Facebook?"
Kyle: "Because my Mothering Friend told me it was inappropriate. Stupid cunt."
#mothering #mothering friend #mum friend #stupid cunt #told off
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
Taken from the famous 'Hadouken' battle cry in the Street Fighter games, this variation is a battle move in which someone fat that can be likened to a hippo forcibly removes items of clothing from another person, while shouting 'Hipppppppooooooken'
Pierre: I was sat quite happily in my boxer shorts and that beast Madeleine performed the Hippppooooken move on me and I was suddenly naked.
#street fighter #battle moves #removing clothes #naked #hippos
by MaddieClip June 01, 2010
Being addicted to having sex while watching films that contain muppets.
Squeak: "Whatever. Don't judge me. It's not my fault I'm a muppetaholic."
#muppeting #muppet #muppets #sex #v bomb
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
The act of meeting a stranger, taking them back to a shared hostel room and sleeping with them when other people are in the room. Variations - hostelled.
Crab: "Did you have a good weekend in Camden?"
Peter: "I met an absolute ho and indulged in some hostelling."
Crab: "I bet you hostelled her good?!"
#hostelling #hostel #hostelled #night of international hate #your mum #high five
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
The act of asking someone if they want a mint after they been owned. Variations - minted.
Woolly: "I haven't been minting for ages, have you?"
Kate: "I totally minted my friend from the States the other day, I told her I had an STD and she should get herself checked out when in fact I don't. Owned."
#owning #minting #minted #owned #squeak
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
To be so annoyed with someone you have to listen to Kate Nash's 'Shit Song' in order for to calm you down.
Victoria: "Mark cunted at me so much last night that I got seriously Kate Nashed with him."
Peter: "Calm down and put a pad in!"
#kate nash #kate nashed #annoyed #angry #cunting
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
Fuck buddy friend. Someone who you use purely for sex.
Eric: "So do you like Butters then?"
Kyle: "No, not at all. She's just an FBF."
Eric: "Woah, that's harsh, she seems really nice but I guess I would too. Chins up."
#fuck buddy #fucking buddy #fuck buddy friend #fbf #fb friend
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
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