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8 definitions by MaddieClip

To be so annoyed with someone you have to listen to Kate Nash's 'Shit Song' in order for to calm you down.
Victoria: "Mark cunted at me so much last night that I got seriously Kate Nashed with him."
Peter: "Calm down and put a pad in!"
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
When a friend acts like your mother and tells you off for doing/saying something wrong.
Mad: "Why did you change your status on Facebook?"
Kyle: "Because my Mothering Friend told me it was inappropriate. Stupid cunt."
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
Taken from the famous 'Hadouken' battle cry in the Street Fighter games, this variation is a battle move in which someone fat that can be likened to a hippo forcibly removes items of clothing from another person, while shouting 'Hipppppppooooooken'
Pierre: I was sat quite happily in my boxer shorts and that beast Madeleine performed the Hippppooooken move on me and I was suddenly naked.
by MaddieClip June 01, 2010
Being addicted to having sex while watching films that contain muppets.
Squeak: "Whatever. Don't judge me. It's not my fault I'm a muppetaholic."
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
The act of meeting a stranger, taking them back to a shared hostel room and sleeping with them when other people are in the room. Variations - hostelled.
Crab: "Did you have a good weekend in Camden?"
Peter: "I met an absolute ho and indulged in some hostelling."
Crab: "I bet you hostelled her good?!"
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
The act of asking someone if they want a mint after they been owned. Variations - minted.
Woolly: "I haven't been minting for ages, have you?"
Kate: "I totally minted my friend from the States the other day, I told her I had an STD and she should get herself checked out when in fact I don't. Owned."
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
Fuck buddy friend. Someone who you use purely for sex.
Eric: "So do you like Butters then?"
Kyle: "No, not at all. She's just an FBF."
Eric: "Woah, that's harsh, she seems really nice but I guess I would too. Chins up."
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009