The pleasurable act of kicking your girl in the cunt whilst simultaneously unloading on her face.
"Hey Ted, I was fucking this girl last night and then at the last moment, I unleashed a cunt hammer on her ass."
by is that my artichoke June 03, 2009
Top Definition
Usually in league with a Cuntdagger, stuck together like siamese twins. The job of the Cunthammer is to bash the IQ out of your head by being a dumb cunt bitch. Tries to ruin any male-female relationship that is not her own, for her own selfish reasons.

Similar to the fashion of a physical hammer cracking your skull open. A little less pain and a lot more torment. They can annoy you towards suicide just to escape.
"Julia is such a fucking Cunthammer, I'm going to throw a brick at her face."
by Mr.BlackJack March 05, 2010
In super smash brothers melee, samus' down a meteor smash attack.
Dude you just got cunt hammered.
by Viridis July 05, 2008
A cunthammer screams out under the weight of it's iconoclast anarchism. Always oppressed, always martered, all knowing and all wise. Every great man was a cunthammer.
The World: Cunthammer, we love you. Cunthammer we would dir for you. Great hammer of cunt, oh great hammer of cunt.

Cunthammer: Yeah, whatever. Bizzare pack of monkeys people are.
by Alex Carter April 23, 2005
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