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This is the name given to the action of falling unexpectedly. Due the the fall, or trip, happening without warning, the arms of the flopee will flail around as they attempt to regain their balance. However, the true cuntflop happens when balance is not regained, and the flopee lands in a heap on the floor, generally bruised in some areas of their person. In the event of this happening with an audience, the audience will probably guffaw loudly due to the unco-ordinated nature of the fall. This can be extremely embarrassing for the floppee.

This word originated in the West of Scotland, near Glasgow.
Example 1 :

George : 'Hey Bill ! What's wrong with your face, you appear to have a swollen lip. Were you beaten up?'

Bill : 'Naw, I totally cuntflopped. My younger sibling left their skateboard in the hall, and I slipped on it.'

Example 2:

Timothy is walking up the stairs in front of a group of other people when he trips on a step, falling up the stairs and wildly throwing his arms out, but unfortunately he falls right on his face.

Other People : 'HAH ! CUNTFLOP !'

Timothy quickly scurries away, thouroughly embarrassed.
by Syllabub August 21, 2009
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