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It's like gaydar- only instead of alerting you to a person's homosexual proclivities- it alerts you to the fact that they are a total, unadulterated CUNT.

Having cuntdar enables you to identify and avoid the cunt and their cunty minions.

Most are born with cundar but techniques of detection can also be learned.
Person 1: "I can't believe she cheated on Mike with seven different guys, including his best friend, before jilting him at the alter. I mean, she always seemed so......nice."
Person 2: "Nah, i knew she was a cunt the moment i set eyes on her."
Person1: "Oh yeah? You psychic? lol."
Person2: "No, i have cuntdar: I can clock a cunt within a five mile radius. No joke."
by Lilly O'shane August 17, 2013
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