Adj., a sarcastic exclamation or modifier combining the negative connotation of "cunt" with the positive connotation of "fantastic" as such.
Adv., cuntastically
Alt: Cunt-tastic
Broseph: Your new bitch is cuntastic, brah. She's got DDs and a presentable mug but damn, her personality is irredeemable.
Bromine: She's a piece of ass, but I'll never get out; she knows about our circle-jerk parties and is leveraging that to keep me at bay.
Broseph: Derrrrrrrrr...She's okay by me, then.

Rodney: How's your mother-in-law been? I know she's about to go...
Percy: Cuntastically as ever! Damn it's gonna be a relief when she finally submits; I'd rather contend with a mourner than a perpetual PMSer.
Rodney: Mazel tov!
by Texan Tile November 08, 2010
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Ugly girls and fat girls that think they are hot, but no man would ever look at.
Bunbun is cuntastic
by ironman69 April 23, 2009
being extremely bitchy or cuntlike. unpleasant to the extreme
man that girl's such a bitch. she's cuntastic
by baileycook March 03, 2006
to be more than fantastic almost to the point of wanting to spooge all over you or someone nearest to you.
damn that bitch is cuntastic.
by dickie September 19, 2003
A Woman who is cuntier then all cunts.
OMG I hate Jessica Brown, she is so cuntastic!

That bitch in there is so cuntastic.
by IW4444 March 04, 2010
Something that is either as wonderful or as disgusting as female genitalia. May have a pejorative or positive connotation depending on context and on the ennunciator's views on female genitals in general.
1. Damn Freddy, you smell cuntasitic, is that the new axe cologne?

2. Damn Freddy, your breath smells cuntastic. You need to brush those things. Ugh.
by i am in your pants November 04, 2009
An absolutely smashing woman's genatalia
She pulled her undies to one side and her lesbian lover exclaimed - Wow! That looks and tastes cuntastic - it's a beaut
by Vaginia January 06, 2008
Opposite of cuntrageous. Adjective used to describe a desirable or fantastic situation or event.
WE WON LOTTO! Cuntastic!
by Ryan September 13, 2004

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