Who that respectable Black yes-woman becomes in the boudoir. Watch out, Tiger. Grrrrrr!
After an hour and a half of listening to Cunt-a-leezza Rice's incessant screaming, I plugged up her pie hole with my wide white wand. Oh yeah!!
by republican horndog :-p December 02, 2004
Top Definition
vernacular term for the worthless, useless, and brainless academic promoted impossibly far beyond her abilities to National Security Advisor and then Secretary of State by Chimpy McDumbass during his Constitution-shredding, terrorist-enhancing, treasury-depleting, New Orleans-drowning, America-hating Reign of Terror (2001-2009 C.E.).
E.g. "I wish someone had released a mushroom cloud on that punkin-headed bozo Cunt-a-leezza Rice!"
by LeftWingDoc July 17, 2008
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