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Bill's private nickname for the 21st century's Eleanor Roosevelt.
Bill: Hey Hillary Clit'on, wanna make another Chelsea?
Hillary: Why don't you go find Monica? I've got some campaigning to do!
by republican horndog :-p April 25, 2007
Those inbred sons of bitches that drink moonshine and hooch in the hills of Tennessee and West Virginia. Keep you up all hours of the night 'cuz their meth lab keeps exploding.
Tom: Those hill trash motherfuckers are keeping me up all night! Call the sherriff.
Katie: Can't. He's banging the shit out of his granddaughter in the back of the squad car.
by republican horndog :-p April 25, 2007
Someone who has an almost pathological fear being (and being seen) naked.
I broke up with this girl after 3 weeks because her gymnophobia was SERIOUSLY killing our sex life. Now I hear the bitch is a stripper!!!
by republican horndog :-p January 20, 2007
Who that respectable Black yes-woman becomes in the boudoir. Watch out, Tiger. Grrrrrr!
After an hour and a half of listening to Cunt-a-leezza Rice's incessant screaming, I plugged up her pie hole with my wide white wand. Oh yeah!!
by republican horndog :-p December 02, 2004
A girl or woman's pussy.
When we got back to Wendy's place, she stripped to her birthday suit and I put some whipped cream on her birthday cake and ate it. Tasty, too. :)
by republican horndog :-p August 04, 2005
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