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One that is a giant cunt.

A frequent backstabber.

Gets off on being a bitch.
"Damn! Amanda is a fucking cunt wrap supreme!"
by P Dub Easy July 18, 2006
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1. insult. a total fuckass
2.verb. a way of saying someone is or has eaten a girl out.
1. dave is being a cuntwrap supreme.
2 im having cuntwrap supreme tonight!
by frank the asshole July 22, 2006
When someone is being a total douchebag
Also used to refer to the "Crunchwrap Supreme" from Taco Bell
Shut up Taylor, you're being a Cuntwrap Supreme
by Anthony Gallo November 06, 2006
A colorful way of calling someone an obnoxious bitch.
You're being a cuntwrap supreme... with extra sour cream.
by katiej88 October 26, 2007
1. A term for a woman that surpasses all others in the way of insulting. It is to be used sparingly, only for situations of justified anger, or else it may lose its power.
2. A combo item sold at the dirtiest of strip clubs. It includes some sort of mexican dish and a lap dance from the oldest stipper available.
1. Woman: "I think I might have given you herpes..."
Man: "What!?! You Cunt Wrap Supreme!!!!"
2. Danny ordered the Cunt Wrap Supreme and ended up with bad gas and a strange rash.
by Bored At Work April 06, 2006
A complete and utter prick that sits at home and picks his butt
"Shane is a cunt wrap supreme" Chris said to Josh, "I agree" Replied Josh
by Josh Gooch October 27, 2007
Another term used for Taco Bell's Crunch Wrap Supreme
Also a great joke to play on employees
Yo Leo, I'm gonna get me one of those cunt wrap supremes!!
by ElusiveH April 05, 2006

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