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This is the result of grappling with a rather potent haddock pasty, possibly one that hasnt been attended to for a few days. The smell of the ladies clam seems to impregnate the skin of your fingers and succeeds in lingering for up to two full days....even washing with scented soap does nothing to remove the stench.
Dave "Crikey, what on earth is that stench?"
Pete "I got Katy from accounts in a bowling ball grip after the pub last night and now have the worst case of Cunt Finger ever. Its even overpowering the curry I had afterwards!"
by Frosty909 August 31, 2007
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The aroma found on the end of a person's fingers after fumbling around in a women's meatwallet(Pussy).
Woods had a pungeount case of the cuntfinger, after spreading Merideth's meatcurtains.
by "Mighty Dave Wilson" November 30, 2003
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