To become comatosed, from excessive contact with cunt.
After I got my first ultra luxury car, it was always packed with pussy. An unrelenting sex parade, of money hungry women.

I fucked and fucked until I couldn't cum, then fucked some more. I just couldn't stop. I was out of control.

This went on for weeks. Until biology knocked me flat on my ass.

I was found naked and unconscious in my car by police. I was suffering from a severe cunt coma, and a ruptured penis. I almost died.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 05, 2010
Top Definition
When a person is in an extreme state of drunkenness, unable to take care of themselves, unwilling to take help and being abusive.
'lets get Tom home, he's fucked.'
'Yeah, but i feel like leaving him in the street because he's in a cunt coma.'
'I know, he just punched me and is shouting abuse at those pikeys over there!'
by Tarrel February 23, 2012
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