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The clear gooey substance that sometimes comes out of a woman's vagina. Women often find this substance in their underwear. It has a consistency of a gooey booger.
Kristy dug in her underwear and pulled out a cunt booger and wiped it on Erin.
by Bigbootyhoe21389 April 16, 2011
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The blood from a woman's vagina during her period that forms and crusts together to make a solid brown chunk of thick consistency.
In the middle of changing into her swimming suit, Talia surprisingly looked down to see a cunt booger stuck to her underwear.
by 908Projectile July 08, 2009
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A remnant of ejaculate (cum) left clinging to the hairs of the vagina, or, as the case may be, anal hairs.
"There was a gigantic cuntbooger hanging from her cooch from last night."
by Joe Mattei February 09, 2003
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