The name of "Bone Minnions" on Guild Wars
I just summoned a Cunt Weasel!!!
by True Walking Tank December 29, 2008
Top Definition
A really annoying cock of a friend that thinks you owe him everything and he owes you nothing: when a female hasn't cleaned her cavern in months to the point that a weasel could find it a warm nook to live in for the winter. hence the name cunt weasel(never heard of the second definition happing but we all know the first one applies)
James STFU, your being a real Cunt Weasel about your smokes.
by The big S October 14, 2005
someone who steals your work or ideas
Those cuntweasels stole my idea for a study!
by elorad March 17, 2009
1. the ultimate cunt; 2. a total asshole
I cannot believe you told my ex that I cheated on him. You're a total cuntweasel.
by Intervocalic June 29, 2005
when you have a weasel in your cunt
what a fuckin cuntweasel ms.jacobson is.
by dick vitale October 17, 2003
A pussy so nasty that you scream as if a weasel had jumped out.
DUDE, I almost shit my pants, stacy's cunt weasel was so nasty!
by Sean Doyle January 05, 2008
a person who weasels their way into cunt, a complete douche bag.
"Bryan you are a complete cuntweasel go fuck your boy freind" said will
by poopface333 May 20, 2011
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