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The bitch is inverted with legs akimbo. Her cunt is then hammered for all its worth before a fucking large quantity of man batter is dumped therein said gaping hole. 100 grammes of bicarbonate of soda is then spooned into her messy sticky love socket before the male retreats to the couch grabs a beer and waits. The resulting chemical reaction causes an eruption of massive proportions with foam and batter and all sorts spewing out of the gaping chasm!
James had just finished destroying Cynthia's love socket with gusto when he ordered Cynth to remain in her inverted position. James then fed a large quantity of bicarbonate of soda into her stinky spam purse before making a swift retreat. The resulting eruption reminded him of his childhood experience when stuck on Mount St Helens as the cunt volcano burst forth with noise and sticky matter that ran like magma down the Valley of the Brown Death!!!!!!
by And then came the Flop September 04, 2007
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