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A group of annoying women/girls who act like cunts but are prude as fuck even though they talk a big game. The leader or ultra cunt is to be refered to as the CSSC or the Cunt Squad supreme commander
Oh no, Adam is dating a member of the Cunt squad, looks like someones not getting any anytime soon.
by BryGuy118 January 18, 2008
A particularly bitchy clique who are neither liked nor popular, but seem to think they are both. usually comprised of nerds and/or stoners that think they're better than everyone else and need to get the shit beat out of them
guy 1: "that fugly bitch just flipped me off!"

guy 2: "dude, the whore's been hanging out with the techies lately. chalk another one up for the cunt squad."
by frost_wolf93 June 13, 2009