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A term describing a person who has a bald-head, homosexual tendencies and questionable personal hygiene.
Riley Davis is a Cunk Nuggle.
by Tim November 22, 2004
n. A person of ambiguous sexual preference, but likes to hang out with sweaty men, and get paid to do so. Likes to collect dust bunnies and cat dander. Pink.
Man, those guys kissing are Cunk Nuggle.
by Riley November 24, 2004
A semi-bald pre-op tranny that is the personal bitch of B-train. Dresses in the manner of the male prostitute. Also the largest mungler on the DC freedom board.
S dog said to B-train "Glen can't make the meeting tonight at Ragtime, perhaps I will give him a gentlemen caller on Thursday" B-Train said "what a Cunk Nuggle, I will set him him up with my ambigiously gay cousin Herman"
by wrubens September 12, 2006
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