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Verb. Based on the missed field goal by Billy Cundiff to loose the AFC championship game against the Patriots. To fail in a pressure situation, especially when the task is easily accomplished. Synonymous to choking, or pulling a LeBron in the 4th quarter.
Jay: Man did you see that kick at the end of the New England/ Baltimore game?
John: Yeah the kicker really Cundiffed.
by fireturner January 22, 2012
The act of messing up the simpliest of tasks so badly, that you never get another opportunity to succeed.
Stanford had been rehearsing his presentation for days but when it came time to present, he cundiffed. The presentation completely missed its mark.
by John E NB January 26, 2012
The act of kicking or throwing the ball inaccurately, usually far to the left.
A: Did he nail the throw home from the outfield?
B: Nah, he Cundiffed it.

A: Did the Ravens win?
B: No, they got Cundiffed.
by Connexion January 24, 2012
1. Having failed at a seemingly simple and/or routine task, at a crucial moment, such as a chip-shot field goal. A form of situational incompetence brought on by sudden performance anxiety and/or unexpected changes. To Cundiff.

2. To be sharply dismissed, as from a job or situation, often, but not necessarily as a result of Cundiffing a task or tasks. In reference to kicker Billy Cundiff's dismissal from the Baltimore Ravens prior to the 2012 season.
1. "Man, he's given that presentation dozens of times before. Why did he screw it up?"

"He couldn't handle the pressure of dealing with our largest customer. He Cundiffed it."

2."Won't be seeing Billy around work anymore. Ol' Bob Cundiffed him after he messed up that last job."


"That old broad wouldn't stop screaming about how poorly her steak was done, so I called security and had her Cundiffed."
by pseudonymous1 November 02, 2014

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