Cunt punch
When a woman is a total bitch and needs to be cunched.
by Amy Gillespie January 01, 2009
A combination of Hunch and Cunt. An intuitive feeling or premonition that someone is a Cunt.
Did you meet the new guy in accounts?

Yeah I've got a Cunch about him.
by SunnyGrass December 07, 2010
Bunch of Cunts
1) Those directors are a cunch

2) What a cunch those designers are
by John Hick November 12, 2008
The plastic lip on an inflatable tube.
"Grandma, put your mouth on my cunch and blow up my tubes."
by B-doggage August 27, 2007
this is the combination of cunt and bitch as a description of a personality; usually associated with a person who runs to another's beck and call.
Susie's cunch Nate worked long hours for little pay.
by Lilrabbit November 14, 2007
A) a combination of a cunt and a bitch
B) a term used to describe the amount of intense dislike towards a female or gay man.
Dude, your girlfriend is such a cunch.
by Frank November 26, 2003
The female version of a bonch, the area between a females cunt and her asshole.
She likes it when i stroke her cunch.
by Remedy X April 24, 2005

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