Cunt punch
When a woman is a total bitch and needs to be cunched.
by Amy Gillespie January 01, 2009
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Combination of the word punch and cunt. Cunch is a deep, penetrating punch to the cunt.
"dude, give her the cunch!"
by Cunch April 07, 2004
The act of punching a cunt.
I cunched Jill after she told people stories about me.
by Nicknicknicknicknicknicknick December 18, 2007
to eat cunt during lunch
Hey, I stopped out at my girlfriends for cunch.
by ROO Spejtcer July 31, 2004
cunt and bitch put together
shut up you cunch
by cassiepoo April 04, 2009
After chugging the last of my Pepsi can, I cunched it and put it in the recycling bin.
by RayJayyy January 16, 2013
cunch is when a girl gets canned in the cunt.
by jake kitt November 11, 2013
A late morning meal that combines a late coffee break with early lunch, and perhaps other activities. Cunch can only occur if morning coffee break was missed and lunch is not taken after.
Hey Shannon, we missed coffee break, let's go grab cunch.
by Cunch Master January 12, 2011

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