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When you get fucked up the ass without a condom, then take a shit on someone's face. (A cumfilled dirty sanchez)
*grunting* - "Yeah you like that don't you!" *spooge* "oh now you're gonna love this, lay down" **CUMSHIT!!!* "oh shit!"
by Vam274 September 01, 2005
That act of defecation after one has just received anal sex, resulting in a stool that is coated with semen.
Jane: Did paul fuck you in the arse-hole last night?

Wendy: Fuck yeah he did!

Jane: Did you do a cum shit afterwards?

Wendy: Yeah! It was the biggest cum shit you ever saw, I was all like "holy fuckballs, that cum shit is big!"
by greg83 February 25, 2008
A substance/thing that you cannot identify with words but you know that it's completely and utterly disgusting.
-While observing some random stain on my shoe-
"Ew, I got some cumshit on my shoe".
by Uchisune January 21, 2012
The act of dropping a load of logic onto, around, or in the vicinity of the bitchface.
"Would you like cumshit to the face?"
by blondie475 April 16, 2012
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