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The act of post-sexual activity, after engaging in an orgasm, and forgetting what happened before the nocturnal emission, and/ or ejaculation, occurred.
Person 1: So I was fucking my wife, right? And then we stopped, and I wanted left overs for dinner, but forgot what we had! Damn Cumnesia.

Person 2: Dude I know what you mean, bro!
#cum #amnesia #sexual #forgot #memory
by BobbyBaja December 20, 2009
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When you have really good sex and forget about whatever else is going on in your life! It's amnesia from a good ole fashioned cum
I was really having a bad day. I came home put on some "O" from Pure Romance and my husband gave me cumnesia! Now I am so relaxed.
#o #cum #pure romance #sex #orgasm #amnesia
by WnabMedic January 21, 2015
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