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The term Cummins can be referred to as an American living in a poor, "bad", or high crime rate area of a large German City. The area is normally run down, where drugs are very present. Rolling power outages and no hot water are common place in this area.
I know this Cummins who lives in Stuttgart, I really hope he makes some money so he can take hot showers and doesnt have to worry about the power going on and off.
by Poonluvr March 06, 2008
20 45
the biggest and most bad ass source of power known to mankind
holy shit look at that beast, its amazing.

teah dude,straight bad ass right there. definatly runs on a cummins.

by that other guy from that place March 07, 2009
219 90
the diesel engine of choic for dodge. ford has the powerjoke and chevy has the duranot. they suck. cummins power. you stay home and stroke it ill go to her house and ram it.
did you see that powerjoke i left in the dust with my cummins?! nigga never had a chance
by MJG the wise May 09, 2006
236 148
A diesel engine with a i6 design. Used in most dodge ram heavy duty trucks. The engine itself is to powerful for the ram to handle.
i pulled my powerstroke against a 2nd gen cummins and was loosing until the cummins torque blew the rams shitty tranny.
by cumminsgooddodgebad July 01, 2009
150 74
A girl so hot that you want to blow your load in them right there
Jessica Alba is cummin!
by pufan January 02, 2010
27 18
the act of cumming but funnier, also a surname..
Chi: Check out that girl
Alan: Id cummins her hair anyday
by sosososolidcrew March 20, 2009
50 63
Cummins is a term a select few of Americans and Europeans use to describe a person who pees or soils themselves when they drink to much. Often this is the person who pees them self during the night or while be passed out, then not claiming it was them who did it in the morning or when waking up.
Dam I was so drunk last night I cummins myself, I hope Bob does not wake up before I can wash the sheets.
by Poonluvr March 06, 2008
25 43
an overly huge ass
each step walked comes with a quacking noise
my god, look at the cummins on that
by Big_Balls March 19, 2008
19 44