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A white male who has an unattractive afro that he uses to masturbate with, and jizzes into it, hence the word cum-fro. He usually has a vagina as well as a penis, and usually has a masculine girlfriend who also has both. Cumfroes' masculine girlfriends usually like to jizz into his afro as well as the cumfro himself, and she also usually likes to suck the cum from his afro. This often results in bald spots on top of the cumfro's head.
Sally: Jack is such a cumfro! Is that a bald spot in his afro next to that jizz?

Billy: Yeah, I heard Jill, his girlfriend likes to jizz in there. She has a vagina and a penis.

Sally: Jill is so masculine!

Billy: I hear she gave Jack a locket of her jizz that he carries everywhere!
by mrspirate August 04, 2009
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