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A play on the word 'concur'.

To approve of or agree with any sexual reference or act.

Started by a large group of Twilight fans while reading the fan fiction Under the Apple Tree in which "I concur." became a popular saying, which later transformed into "I cumcur."
Fuck, I want those fingers inside of me. UNF! -- I cumcur.
by Sic Transit25 September 08, 2010

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v. To agree so wholeheartedly with something that you ejaculate.
"This picture of Megan Fox is fucking hot."

"*jizzes* I cumcur!"
by Roobotz February 07, 2010
Mutually agreed upon, simultaneous orgasms by two or more individuals
would you like to join me and cumcur together several times, culminating in a sweaty, satisfied mess?
by Hope Fester August 03, 2011