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A 'Cumbrian Deadleg' is an accident that is extremely unlikely to happen during sexual intercourse. During doggystyle sex, the man may be in such a deep zone of concentration and excitement that he gets a bit too rough, and accidentally deadlegs the reciever. This causes the female to collapse, therefore causing extreme pain and suffering to the male due to the tearing and disfiguring of the penile muscles.

The word 'Cumbrian' is simply used to imply that most of the residents of Cumbria are countryside dwellers and therefore by default, engage frequently in hairy and rough sexual intercourse.
1. 'Bill was going at it hard last night. So much so that he accidentally gave me a Cumbrian Deadleg'
2. 'Bill, you're going to have a hard time explaining that to the doctor.'
by BenM26 June 04, 2013
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