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When a girl has cum in her hair, she is said to be wearing a Cumbrero (pronounced like sombrero)
::While at a party:::

Hot Bobby Arrives from upstairs after leaving with a random hoochie-

"Yo, I nutted in some girls hair just now, it was soo grimey"
Nick Twitch- "You gave her a cumbrero!!?? Sick dude"
Hot Bobby- "We gotta get out of here guys"
by StreetBikeTakeover August 06, 2009
the act of ejaculating on some poor bastards head. the end result should somewhat resemble a sombrero made of load (cum)
dude I heard bryan woke up wearing a cumbrero this morning
by Rarch April 20, 2008
Cumming on top of a person's head or hair.
I gave that slut a cumbrero last night!
by xBoo May 05, 2009
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