Top Definition
Somebody that is addicted to cum. See Carl
Man, that girl is a cum fiend.
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
A girl, 9 times out of 10 a dirty slut, who craves cum more than the average lady. She will suck your penis long and good and enjoy it immensely, swallowing your bodily fluid. Sometimes for free, sometimes for drugs, and sometimes for sex. This isn't a girl you want to marry, cause she will cheat on you at the wedding. Fuck her silly and never mention it to your friends cause they will rape you with insults and they won't forget.
"That cumfiend sucked me dry. It was the worst blue balls I've ever had."
"Wow she really is a cumfiend, she blew me then swallowed my dad."
by 916Piyump May 13, 2009
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