1) the result of wankin' it in the shower; the jizz runs down your hand, and gets stuck to your knuckles

2) a very unintelligent individual, or someone who happens to have said something stupid in the recent past
1) Goddammit! I hate when I come to class and still have cum knuckles... should've cleaned those bitches after jackin' it this morning
2) "I thought baseball was only seven innings." "Shut up, cum knuckles."
by buttceth April 27, 2013
Top Definition
When masturbating or getting a hand jobthe cum shoots out and falls back down onto the persons knuckles.
I asked Mary if she wanted some cum knuckles since she was on the rag.
by wario December 02, 2008
-A slang word for what happens to your knuckle hair after not washing your hands well after doing a certain something.
Can be embarrassing when you first notice your cumknuckle condition and your in public

- Can also be used as a name to call someone who is being dumb, a jerk, or annoying.
- "I noticed I had bad cumknuckle after my shower and had to rewash my hands before going out"

- Yo, stop being such a cumknuckle.
by J dizzle beefstickizzle December 10, 2005
What one usually has after masterbation and proper containment techniques where not utalized.
U'h oh, oh shit, I got cum knuckle.
by The Green Monkie September 08, 2004
when u cum on ur knuckles and punch a chick in the face when ur fuckin her
"i totally gave my girl cum knuckles last nite"

"dude was she pissed?"

"hell ya she has a black eye"
by THE CUM KNUCKLER September 12, 2009
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