when you juice up in a bitch. then when she stands up a wad of cum falls out.
Damn.. There is a cum ball under that bitches ass
by CLOVER GEE December 15, 2007
Top Definition
It was first discovered thousands of years ago when sugar was crushed and became powdered sugar, when this substance was mixed together with water it makes a very sticky cum like material that is just irresistible. In present day Cum Balls can be mixed with virtuanly anything vodka, pizza, snow and even your very own lady.
Chunkey Vodka Cum Balls (sugar water vodka and snow)
by Alex Harrison January 30, 2005
are hacked up by whores if they have swallowed to much cum, can be seen on southpark when Paris Hilton coughs up cum balls,
After swallowing too much cum Lisa hacked-up cum balls.
by J Lackey August 31, 2006
is when you are getting head from a lady friend and you decide to ejaculate in her mouth, after this act she quickly sucks on one of your balls leaving all the cum on it in which resulting in a cumball
OMG this chick just gave me a cumball!
by The Falkanator March 20, 2008
The act of inviting over four male friends, and ejaculating on a soccer ball. The one that cums last loses and gets pelted with the ball.
Bill lost his second Cum Ball tournament in a row.
by THREO May 05, 2011
Cum Balls is the ammunition for a sling shot.

First cum in a condom and blow it up just slightly, Tie it at the end. So its a small ball. Load sling shot and fire.
Hey Abby! Come over here so I can fire my cum balls at you!
by wouldntyoulovetoknow666 August 03, 2010
When a woman that has a slight incontinence issue orgasms and a slight amount of piss mixes with her pussy juice, creating a highly flavorful amalgam for anyone performing cunnilingus on her, much in the same way a speedball delivers a highly potent mixture of cocaine and heroin in a single shot.
I was 69'in this chick over the weekend and when she came, she shot a cumball, so i turned away before she could finish.
by Lambie-kins January 31, 2012
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