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When you are having anal sex with a girl and when you pull out you spit on her back making her think you ejaculated on her back but you are actually jacking off so when she turns around you jizz in her face.
"That ass hole gave me a cum shot surprise"
by that one guy with a huge penis January 18, 2012
1. When you are outside of your home and you wank off and you tell someone, "Hey, look!" and they turn around and you shoot your cum at their face.

2. When you spit and pretend that you actually cummed. However, your girlfriend finds out and turns around and you shot cum at her.
Person 1: That was some good sex right?
Person 2: Yeah, I guess...
Person 1: *cums on face*
Person 2: Really? Did you have to cum shot surprise me?
by Cum Shot Surprise January 12, 2016
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