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A misogynistic term used to refer to a woman who, in the eyes of the speaker, has no value outside of the sexual gratification she can provide.
She ain't nothin' but a cum receptacle.
by the letter D April 24, 2006
Term used for describing females who are only good for sex.

After using her for a cum receptacle, I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich.
by Frank The Tank 71 February 02, 2009
In reference to an anus or vagina that has had so much semen deposited in it that it would seem to be the worlds dumping ground for sperm.
That guy has had so many cocks in his ass, he's such a dirty cum receptacle
by Todd Higgins November 10, 2006
a man who eats another mans cum. Serves as his cum receptacle or lover.
I love to serve as my boyfriend Rehmeyers Cum Receptacle.
by Sonny Vital.e. January 14, 2008
1) Any orifice on a woman.
2) Any orifice on a male homosexual.
Hi Mark, have you met my cum receptacle?

Suck it you little cum receptacle!
by His Bud March 11, 2006
1. A container designed to recieve cum.
2. A faggots asshole.
3. J.Kougar.
"Shut the fuck up you cum receptacle"
by Tabbbbbbbbbbb April 24, 2008
Name for a man who eats too much cum and gets fucked up his ass one too many times. Also known to have STD's.
My cousin Sal is a cum receptacle.
by Sals gay nellie January 07, 2007
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