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Any woman who has a reputation of giving anyone she meets a blowjob, in exchange for anything, or just because she can.
" Dude! stay away from the Cum guzzling dumpster slut!'
by Matstron March 09, 2009
A seman craving whore who needs cum to live. Known for living in dumpsters and raping random bystanders. Also know as coke fiends or junkies due to the fact they live in dumpsters and need to suck your dick for money
Hey man check out that cum guzzling dumpster slut sucking off that guy. Oh wait that's your dad and...MY WIFE!!!!
by Drewboobies May 06, 2009
The person at you job that is totally useless. No matter what he or she does it accomplishes nothing. The pinnacle of uselessness, not specifically laziness, because very motivated or hard working people can be useless. Guzzling cum behind a dumpster will give their life more meaning.
She cannot sell shit, shes a complete cum guzzling dumpster slut
by GeoMunkee March 29, 2011
A homeless hooker who guzzles cum.
"You're a nerd!"

"Shut the fuck up you cum guzzling dumpster slut!"
by Balls r life. June 21, 2016
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