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For females the part after sex induced by the jackhammer effect or jackrabbit pounding, resulting in a dazed, confused, lazy, sleepy, lethargic, low-eyed physical state. (I.E. from Mortal Kombat the "Finish her!" swaying.) Although most females wont admitt to being in the Cum Coma, you can always tell by the look in her eyes. The Cum Coma is also ranked on levels ranging from 1 to 10.
Dude whats wrong with that fine honey? Sam gave her the Sniper Strech then pounded her into the Cum Coma! Holy shit just look at her eyes, shes a fucking level 10!
by Sniper Sam September 06, 2010
After sex u jus wanna sleep. This lethargic state is known by few as a "cum coma" ... Out.
"I bet he got some action last night."
"Yeh? but she was so hot."
"Yes mate. Lucky bugger."
"So what you think... He's down the pub?
"Naa. He's in a cum coma...
by Jason Howard February 22, 2008
The tiredness and need for sleep one feels (especially males) after orgasm.

Cum comaring
Man I came hard, now im falling into a cum coma.
by this is me 123 June 05, 2011
When either a man or a woman orgasms, whether from masturbation or sex, and is exhausted to the point where a nap is needed.
It's been a while since I came which means my cum coma is going to be amazing!
by scooby snacks! August 26, 2010
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