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v. to view naked female models working out and subsequently run screaming out the door
I immediately regretted culpeppering as soon as I realized I had, in fact, culpeppered Gisele Bundchen.
by Jeannie March 11, 2003
Purveyor of fine themed parties; resident of luxurious urban manse.
If you axe me, Culpepper don't smell like a wet dog when he get all rained on.
by Donnie Wahlberg March 11, 2003
When you go out with some guy friends, and they unexpectedly bring another girl and ignore you in favor of them, that girl is a culpepper
"I was excited to go out to lunch, but my friends hooked up with some culpeppers, and subsequently no one talked to me the whole time I was there."
by SarahtGG November 02, 2009
v. To touch or caress someone else's woman in a familiar way.
I was talking to Marcus when I culpeppered fly-ass biatch.
by Honky Tonk March 11, 2003
Quarterback for the Minneosta Vikings of the NFL. Two-time pro bowler.
Culpepper through two touchdowns to Randy Moss yesterday against the Lions.
by gateway_gamer January 03, 2004
to slowly cook assorted meats in susbtances lacking FDA approval
This chicken tastes like its been culpeppered.
by Emeril March 11, 2003
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