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Another word used for a person who is very rude and/or uncool.

may be used in conjuction with a well-known persons name.

Originated in the bedroom of Noe with sum guy named Cesar, while playing a megaman game. Extended from there to reaches of the world.
litteral Translation: ASS-BIRD
Hey! he Jacked my lunch what a fucking CULO BIRD!

Hey Cesar stop being a culo-bird.

Fred Loyas is one gey ass culo-bird. CULO-LOYA!
by MartialPyro February 14, 2007
soft way of saying a person who is a dick or better yet an asshole, although many times this word is used in a joking or jestering way, this word is not too serious.
Don't be a culobird spot me that 10 milligrams of winny.
SPM was a culobird yesterday he didn't want to share his blunt with nobody. . . bien culo.
by usparatrooper8690 May 18, 2007
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