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Cuh orginally used by gang members. Cuh is someone you can relate to on a "street" level. Similar to cousin, in that it can represent your cousin or someone of that type of close-knit relationship. Cuh has now became all of the grammar and literary terms. But if you say cuh to a real nigga your ass will get merked.
Jason: Cuh, Let me get some of cuh!
Mike: Nah Cuh, Cuh is to bomb
Jason: cmon cuh!
Mike: Cuh taste to cuh to past cuh.
Jason: I see how it is cuh, when i get cuh, cuh cuh cuh.


Savv: Past cuh im trying to fuck cuh up
Suwoop: Cuh is looking mighty cuhish.
Savv: Im trying to fuck cuh then leave cuh then shoot cuh!
Suwoop: You talking about sherane or Cuh!?
Savv: im talking about Cuh Nigga Duh Cuh!!!
by JasonJones95 March 16, 2013

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