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Female term for "Cugine". A woman, typically from NYC (all boroughs included) whose clothing is far too tight, hair is way too big as well as hard, uses so much make-up that she looks like a different person (typically a horror show) once her make-up is removed. Her nails are true designer claws - typically fake - as she hasn't got the staying power for anything other than your wallet. She chews gum like a cow, smokes like a boiling tea-pot (high pitched screech included), speaks with her hands along with an incredibly annoying whine. She calls everyone (including her friends, people she doesn't know and often herself) a bitch. To your face she pretends that she loves you but behind your back she plays vengeful games of manipulation, domination, and sabotage. Because of her deep seated jealousy she will snag your boyfriend, then dump him, sleep with your husband and then rat him out - of course doing you both the favor of destroying what was destined to fail. A magazine/television/movie/actress/model wannabe (though far from capable) and so much a scholar of labels she actually becomes one herself. Brains are NOT included. If she is skilled it is usually of a sexual nature which can be measured by how many different articles of clothing she has (especially boys) and jewelry she wears - unless she was born weathly, which in this case don't expect her being skilled at anything. Thankfully, this phase of one's life can end if one chooses maturity through grace.
Though I now live in California (Brooklyn Native) I hear the cugette is -thankfully- a dying breed... Reason: non-sustainable

The best example I can give you is most female characters in Soap Operas... To name actual names is just not right but I definately left Brooklyn to get away from some of them ;-)
by CindyM August 28, 2006
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