a childrens security blanket or other such item. some children become attatched to items such as blankets and small stuffed animals at a very young age. a blankey or binky, etc.
rachel held tight and chewed on her cug while the photographer snapped away. i returned and reluctantly bought her 2nd birthday portrait an hour later.
by TonecasT February 04, 2005
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A Cug is the act of 2 people putting there arms around each other in an embrace usually to make both partys feel better or happy.

'Cug' is word made by accident using two methods of sharing love... A Hug, and a Cuddle.

Come here princess, give me a 'cug'. Awwww... That's better ::D xx
by The Mask December 12, 2008
an extremely defined six pack which is extremly rare among the human race.
I wish i had a cugs.
by MOD` May 20, 2010
A portmanteau word combining "cuddle" and "hug". Rather like a bear hug, a middle ground between a standoffish platitude and on the floor cuddling/snuggling.
I think he needs a cug.
by The Fellow Passenger April 03, 2005
A combination of the word cunt and hug, meaning to hug with ones cunt i.e. sex.
"Hey Michael, how'd it go with Jane?"

"Eh, even though I got friend zoned she gave me a cug goodbye."
by Dalilfella May 28, 2014
A word used to describe a crookyd, no good, and sometimes youngggg person.
Stanley Gibbs is a cug, plain and simple, no way around that!
by Jiesel16 May 24, 2013
A Native American, especially Eskimos.
Go eat some muktuk you fucking cug.
by Muglack April 27, 2003

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