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All hail Cuddlywuddly, Queen of the World!
by Anonymous June 08, 2003

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baby chubby coo cuddle cuddly cute gaa wuddly
someone who is cuddly. Possibly cute and chubby. Lame word to speak to/about a baby.
"Aww, look you!! Coo coo gaa gaa...you're so Cuddly-Wuddly"
by myxci September 03, 2007
That stupid bitch who's using the name of Anonymous to boost her ego.
Hi! my name is Cudduhwy and when I grow up, I want to marry Loser! I like it when he touches my special place! I'm such a whore!

Oh, and I wike DINASAWS!!!1 and my cat's name is Mr Fluffy Widdle Kittikers the Third of Cuddleville!
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
Cuddlywuddly likes dinosaurs.
I envy Cuddlywuddly.
by Anonymous June 08, 2003
Yes, I like dinosaurs.

Yes, that is my cat's name.

Thank you, thank you.
I am Cuddlywuddly.
by Cuddlywuddly June 08, 2003
The best poster on Penny Arcade.
Cuddlywuddly for mod.
by Anonymous June 07, 2003