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(n.) A disease affecting males who fail to make it to homebase with a long term girlfriend.

Symptoms include: consistently cuddling in lieu of copulating, ditching friends to go cuddle, faking stomach aches to drive 300 miles to not get laid, and turning down college pussy for a high-school amateur who won't fuck.

(adj.) used by concerned friends of the affected male to describe his erratic behavior, also as a spiteful insult.
Example 1:
(at a party)

Guy 1: Yo man you wanna sign up for beer pong?

Cuddle Whipped guy: Nah man i got a stomach ache I think I'm gonna go home.

Guy 1: alright its still kinda early but whatever, I'll hit you up tommorow.

(the next morning)

Guy 1: Yo you feeling better yet, everyone from the party is going to the Diner for breakfast. Wanna meet us there?

Cuddle Whipped guy: Nah man I drove down to the beach to be with my girl last night.

Guy 1: Wtf haven't you been broken up for 2 months?

Cuddle whipped guy: yeah man.

Guy 1: you get laid at least?

Cuddle Whipped guy: no.
by concerned group July 20, 2010
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