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The cuban shower is very hard to explain. It is a long and complicated process that involves too many steps to fully describe. Few women, other then those who are originally from Cuba can successfully give one. It involve steps that are very similar to getting head but for some reason MUCH more pleasurable. If a man gets a cuban shower once in his life he is lucky.
Man 1- I got a cuban shower last night!
Man 2- Thats fucking know that like NEVER happens
Man 1- Dude it totally happened...Martha is actually cuban
Man 2- Holy shit dude! Holy shit!
by CubanShowers December 29, 2008
Like head but more extreme....
Wow, Beth gave me a cuban shower last was amazing.
by CUBAS4YOMAMA December 29, 2008
A cuban shower is when one can not use a regular shower they cleanse themselve by using the men's room sink.

Alternate definitions would pertain to the guy who can't figure out how to wash his hands with out diving into a public sink head first.

Often Drunks will take cubans in the public restroom of their favorite bar or tavern.
After Nick went to the bathroom he washed his hands, in doing so he got his pants all wet while leaning against the counter, Immediately he came back to the office and blamed George for taking another Cuban Shower.
by Delta II August 01, 2006
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