Csilla means that you pretty much cause drama while also being kind of perverted to where it sickens people.
Oh man, your acting like a csilla.
by Lokirito December 28, 2005
STAR,Fame Name version of star in Hungarian,CSILLAG is the star in the sky name, Csilla was invented by a poet as a name for famales
Csilla shines lighting up the darkest night, Rocking out with luna the moon
by ValissaV July 23, 2008
To be over 60 and a virgin, so freakishly ugly, uncapable of finding love in Real-Life.
To play in MMORPG's talking perverted making 100% of the peole around vomit.
To argue over Everything somebody says, causing drama for no reason but to get attention because there is no attention given to a Csilla in Real-Life.
She got booted from the guild for being a Csilla
by Heroes Fate December 20, 2005
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