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The telltale signs that an individual has been crying. But has stopped crying and is trying to hide their symptoms. Which usually include a
snotty nose and redness/ puffiness around the eyes.
"Look at Dena over there. She must have seen a sad movie."
"Yea, look at those cryballs. Yikes."
by Douglas. December 31, 2008
A cryball is that little bity tear that wells up in your eye when you are watching a sad movie, reading a sad book, or just whenever those emotions well up inside you. You don't actually shed that tear, but it's right there, waiting, but it gets sucked back in before you can show everyone what a softie you are!
I was reading the saddest book yesterday, it totally gave me a cryball.
by nyf1228 February 24, 2011
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