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When you have diarrhea so bad your sphincter burns everytime you shit causing you to cry.
Tim was on the shitter all day with cryarrhea after he ate the chinese leftovers that sat out all night.
by Tim Thiede April 01, 2007
31 2
1) When you cry so hard that diarrhea comes out of your eyes, this eye-diarrhea is so named. Cryarrhea occurs when the feelings that make you cry come from deep within you.
1) When my 2-year-old daughter said she didn't love me, I cried so hard that diarrhea actually came out of my eyes...the nurse got me some toilet paper to wipe the cryarrhea from my face and shirt.
by Askanadult December 24, 2008
2 3
The process of crapping(bowel movement) and going diarrhea simultaenously.
When Jimmy got near the girl he liked, he went cryarrhea in his pants instead of nervous breakdown.
by Anonymous December 05, 2004
1 16