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A jealousy-induced form of regretful masturbation; usually occurs after one realizes their ex no longer wants them and/or after seeing them "getting it in" with a new lover.
Dude is Devin crying? ...Dude is Devin masturbating? Oh Shit! That poor bastard's cry-sturbating!

After seeing his ex playing tonsil hockey with her new man at the superbowl party, Devin scampered away to his room for an all night session of loud & painfully pleasant cry-sturbation.
by Florida Dwarf Killer February 17, 2011
When one needs to cry, and uses sad fan fiction to help.
When she needs to cry, she uses sad Muke fan fiction to help her through her session of crysturbation.
by BruhItsLoganIdk October 24, 2015

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