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Used to describe someone online who has a massive hissy-fit, meltdown, breakdown; publicly online; and then announces they were 'trolling' to cover their embarressment.

First used in 2009 to describe the behaviour of a certain red-headed Facebook group memeber who, upon reading a post about a "humourless ranga", launched into a fullscale meltdown: creating many fake accounts to spam the group with pornographic images to get the group shut down.

When it was pointed out that the 'ranga' post was written 6 months before he joined or knew the author, he announced that he was "trolling". Legend has it that the word "Gotcha!" was even used.

When this explanation didn't fly with one particularly savvy group member, the
Cry Troll launched a one-man (and many fake accounts) attack on her, even making up a Facebook hate group in her honour - giving rise to the expression: Facespook.
"I hate you all. You are all so unbelievably MEAN. I am taking my virtual ball and going HOME. I never want to SEE ANY of your fake profile pictures AGAIN. I am going to SUE you ALL for being such NASTY NASTY PEOPLE...."

"Settle down dude. That wasn't about you. Check the date."

"Oh. GOTCHA! I was only TROLLING!"

"Sure you were dude. Well done. Cry Troll - good strategy. So long as you're calm now that's the main thing."
by Emelda February 12, 2009
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