A skate artist. One who consistantly slimes out of anything physically or mentally demanding. An individual who talks big game but never backs it up. Will repetitively tell the same story but with different details each time without realizing that he contradicted himself. A cruster will not own his own vehicle, and thereby mooches rides via the 'guilt trip' method. Paying gas money is completely out of the question, so don't ask. You will owe everything to a cruster. Always claims to be broke, yet always seems to have more than enough money for alcohol.
"You never run? You're such a cruster!"

"That girl called in sick 3 times in a row... what a cruster"
by xXSk8erChicAXx March 22, 2010
Top Definition
One who is crusty; either in attitude, behavior, or appearance.
1: My boss was being a real cruster last night by not letting me go home.

2: Don't be such a cruster!

3: What happened to your hair? You look like a cruster today.
by Ian Callahan January 04, 2006
A lowlife, transeint or bum. Usually a person who is stinky and dishevelled in appearance.

A cruster is also referred to as a person who listens to the porno metal band "the Mentors".
1. Those people who hang out at that dive bar are a bunch of crusters.

2. If you listen to the band the Mentors? Your a cruster.
by Paul Della Valle April 22, 2004
An older person, typically over 50, who tries to hang out with a much younger crowd, often dressing and acting like they were in high school again.
We went to go dancing Saturday night, but there were too many "crusters" on the dance floor, so we left.
by California Dreaming February 03, 2010
A person who's skin crusts and flakes when they get nervous.
That guy was such a cruster that he walked around in a white flakey cloud.
by IAmSoItchey November 01, 2009
Anyone over the age of 60. Old person.
That cruster was driving so damn slow.
by Ty-chan September 25, 2009
shooting one's load in a female's eye while she sleeps. when she awakes, her eye is crusted over and it can't be opened.
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
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