Try and avoid - the clue is in the name, when you fall for someone and it's unrequited, your heart is crushed.
Guy: Look, I'm really sorry, but it will never work out for us.
(Girl's heart crushes.)
by HappyGirl1993 October 23, 2010
Something that every teenager goes through. When one loves someone in a special way or when someone is in love with the other person.
A: I love Z
B: I know he is a great friend to you.
A: NO!! I'm IN love with him. I think I have a crush on Z.
by MSNMSNMSN September 02, 2005
A person that you might stalk on Facebook if he/she has one.
A person that will make you fuzzy inside and the reason you sleep late everynight. They might be celebs or a guy/girl across the classrom, but they feel like a world away.
They make you cry without them knowing.
Most of them are unattainable

It hurts if they already have someone or they turned out to be gay

But if you're lucky enough, they also might have feeelings for you
Girl:OHMYGOSH!!!! I totally have a crush on this guy!!!!
Person: yeah, I had one in high school
Girl: what happened?
Person: He was gay
by TheHopelessOne January 13, 2012
to eat a lot of something, to grub.
aw dude, i'm going going to burger king, i'm 'bout to crush
by ru188 March 11, 2011
crush a word used to describe if something is destroyed and flattend at the same time. Someone can be crushed in a car crash. Your ipod can get crushed under the weight of a brick.
"Fuck you son of a bitch just crushed my arm!"
by jabobob March 02, 2008
A boy/girl you think you like but, they probably don't like you back. Someone that crushes dreams.
Me: That's my crush over there.
Friend: Whatever, She won't go out with you.
Me: You're probably right.
by meVasili July 10, 2014
v to crush: to work really hard on, excel at, or just generally do with enthusiasm and serious skills. To do something with style and fervor, and with the intention of completion.
I'm going to crush my homework so I can go out.

Dude you crushed it on the dance floor last night.

Let's crush these last few episodes of True Detective before going to bed.
by pondy7 March 19, 2014
The act of falling for someone 'a little bit lovely'. A complete state of fuzziness and warmth created by 'Onami' (meaning - the great wave).
1 "I'm crushing hard"
2 "I crush you like a whale on a peanut"
by heart24 June 12, 2011
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